Friday, February 01, 2008

Applebees...Love the Food, Hate the Carside to Go idea

Because it doesn't work!!

Since I have been feeling so crappy this week, cooking was just not in our cards tonight. So, since Applebees has WW menu, I decided we should do that for dinner. Placed the order over the phone and made my way over there. First off, some MORON parked in the Carside parking only and went inside to eat...then I waited some 15 minutes before I headed inside to find out where my food was. Told the immature high schoolers what my situation was and they just chuckled. I should have asked for the manager right then and there.

Got home and they messed up Bill's order completely...UGH. He ended up calling back to the restaurant and they re-did his meal at no charge plus gave us $10 off for the next time we dine in the restaurant. Yea, we won't be going to that one!

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