Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh, the Places I've Been....

Borrowing an idea from Jess, thought I would put my list together of where I have lived throughout my life. I'm not as traveled as she is though...I've never left the state of Illinois!

1. Champaign, IL - I was born there in 1977 and lived there until we moved in 1989.
2. Schaumburg, IL - moved there in 1989 and lived there until Bill and I were engaged. We got an apartment about 6 months before we were married in 2000.
3. Rock Island, IL - lived there between 1995 and 1999, while I attended Augustana College.
4. Plainfield, IL - First place where Bill and I lived. Were there from 2000-2003.
5. Oswego, IL - Moved there in 2003 and stayed there until we moved in 2006.
6. Schaumburg, IL - Moved back to our hometown. We both grew up in Schaumburg so it was nice to be back home.

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