Friday, November 23, 2007

Grateful Friday

I'm SO VERY grateful for yesterday.

I'm grateful that my grandmother finally got to meet her "granddaughter-in-law". My cousin met his wife while they were in basic in California. She was sent over to Korea before my cousin was, so she didn't get a chance to get home when he came home for a graduation celebration. They were married in Hawaii last summer and Gma wasn't strong enough for the trip. When my other cousin got married this summer, she wasn't able to get time away from the military. My sister and I (along with our families) hadn't gotten a chance to meet her either, so I was looking foward to it as well.

I'm grateful that Grandma is still thriving. Her physical body may be working against her, but her mental state is excellent. A few months ago, I wondered if she would be able to make it to this day or make it to her 90th birthday, which is next month. I know that not everyone is as lucky as I am, so I know that my time with her is limited. She could last another 10 years or she could be gone next year.

Not to mention it was my husband's "bird day" yesterday...that's what my nephew said..LOL

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