Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nice quiet Saturday and almost got us a kitty!!

For once, it was nice not having to go anywhere today! Well, I did have to go to get an oil change done. Afterwards, I headed over to Country Donuts and bought breakfast for me and mom.

We are looking for a kitty cat! We stopped at a pet store as they were having an adoption fair yesterday. I fell in love with two (well, actually I fell in love with all of them, but Bill told me I couldn't take them all home). We went back to the store after Bill got out of work. Sophie was a shy little kitty, but she was SO adorable and after a few minutes she warmed up to me. Bill grew up with cats and his mother bred cats, so this was nothing from him. As it turns out, the company that foster her, doesn't believe in declawing and Bill sadly, we couldn't take her home. There were some other issues as well, and as sweet as she was, we weren't sure that this was the safest place for her. She had been an outside cat and will fight to get back outside, and will scratch at the windows and doors to get out. Being in a apartment AND on the third floor, we were nervous if she would be scratching the screen that with enough determination, that she would get out the window. Plus, we're in an apartment and don't want to lose our deposit.

Oh well, we will keep looking!! :) And it's all his fault that I now love cats!!

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Jess said...

Good luck finding the right kitty cat for you! We knew right away when we first got Tigger. She reached out to me as I was walking by and started mewing at us and then she just played with us for awhile. We knew right then and there that she was the cat for was as if she was saying "take me home with you...I'm all yours."